InStation and Seated booleans never go false

I’ve been fighting with animation overriding for a while now. Today, while debugging, I noticed that InStation and Seated never go false when my avatar stands up.

Does anyone know what would trigger it to go false? “Press W to stand up” is the standard way I try, but something just isn’t right.

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I add a second layer in my sitting controller to be sure to apply tracking on all the body.

It seen it fix the issue ? You can try my controller.

VRChat Quality of Life Locomotion System GoGo Loco 1.2.81dn0jc4_gaMTc0MDczNDI1MC4xNjE2MTYzMjcy_ga_6LJN6D94N6*MTY0MjAyMDI4NC42LjEuMTY0MjAyMTA1MS4w

Thanks for trying to help, but I’m running into the same problem even with your Go Pro Controller WD.

I’m using this on a seat in world, not the avatar. The InStation and Seated booleans never change when someone gets out of the seat. You’re permanently stuck in seated mode.

Is there a way to set these variables from Udon maybe?