Instantiated Udon Behaviours

Hello. So I’ve been looking at presetting a vector3 location value and instatiating it dynamically on interact to hold a different value each time I create the object. The issue is however currently the vector3 is using its default 0,0,0. The general goal is to make marker points in which the player can teleport to later locally.

These generated values are stored in a button to be pulled and used so that on interact they teleport the player to the stored value. I ran some tests using the spinning cube examples of udon behaviours and can get another object to move to me on interact using it. Are these values not passing or being destroyed?

Here’s some graphs:

Image 1 shows me setting the value to be stored before the object I wish to clone. This is sent to the behaviour that the object to clone is holding. (The name speed is only used temporarily as I was following the spinning cube sample, will change it to location later).

Image 2 is to teleport the local player to the stored location.

Edit: Added relevant behaviour scripts