InputEvent grab and drop on VR

Hello! Does anyone know if the logic for these inputs is different among VR-Equipments? Cause this is a bit confusing.

According to the documentation,

Left-Click on Desktop, typically a grip button on VR controllers.

Right-Click on Desktop, press grip button on Vive Wands and some Windows Mixed Reality Controllers, release grip button on others.

When using Index as test equipment, and hold the grip, I get Input Grab events (true or false), but I don’t get InputDrop for releasing it (it’s input grab as false).

So if someone used the Vive Wands or Oculus controllers or ANY other VR equipment, would they trigger different events if they use the “grip”?
I need to know when user holds AND releases the “grip” in the world.

Thanks in advance!

I know that Oculus works the same was as you describe index. I haven’t been able to get an inputDrop triggered yet, so kinda assumed it was some weird quirk only Mixed Reality headsets use?? AFAIK, the grab true/false seems to work for all cases!

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