In-world web browser

I’m new to VRChat dev.
I’m developing a private world for a larp experience where my guest players should be able to use a web app in a browser window.
Is it possible to display a web browser window in VRChat World ?
Thanks a lot.

Well, we’re missing a bit of information here, first off, what SDK are you using, SDK2 or SDK3?

But to be short, the answer is NO.
This is because VRChat doesn’t have web browser support and there’s no way to add it without modifications to the client (which is against the TOS)

However, SDK3 does allow for cURL and SDK2 can load images from webpages.
This was (ab)used in the past to do things like send messages to discord servers or load a calendar with events.

Your best chance would be using UI canvases to get the variables you need and send it off to a webserver.

Thanks @Luna_Delrey for your quick answer.

I’m using SDK3 and Unity.

So, if I understand well it’s not possible to display my web app in a browser window.
I would have to build an interface (with UI canvases) that would interact with my webserver, right ?

To be more precise I want my players to be able to search for informations in a virtual library.
This library is fed by the database on my webserver.

The game is a real sci-fi LARP game where some players will have the opportunity to use Oculus Quest to search the information in the library.

I just need to display a search form (text field and button) and result list on a panel in my VRChat world.
Maybe VRChat is not the good way to achieve this project ?

Thanks :wink:

Actually, it’d be very much possible.
Your biggest limitation is just the inability load webpages in VRC.

But, you can just re-make them with unity’s UI system instead, which would help with inputting stuff for VR users as well.

Feel free to DM me if you need some help writing code for this all :slight_smile:

Also, on a side note/tip, you can use GitHub - MerlinVR/UdonSharp: An experimental compiler for compiling C# to Udon assembly if you’re more comfortable with writing c# code.

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Thanks again @Luna_Delrey :wink:

I’m probably too new on the forum to DM you, impossible to send a message :cry: