I'm open and accept vrchat avatar commission

I have a huge idea for an avatar commission, well maybe not huge but definitely unique and different. I don’t have a super high budget 200 at most, but anyways if you could please add me on discord I’d absolutely love to discuss it with you though I do want an avatar that can go nsfw and have toggle-able clothing and hair in her emotes. And I wanted a kitsune, like Ahri from League of Legends, not Ahri but the same creature lol not a furry just putting that out there. But I do want a kitsune.
Anyhow here is my discord: mancor806 \ sammore
please let me know…
I have a ton of reference pictures and a long list of descriptions as I am a perfectionist and want to get every detail in that I can to make it easier for my future avatar creator.

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