Identifying the player who Interacted with this object

I want to restrict use of a button to a certain player. I need to be able to identify who is interacting with the button, and I need to know how to compare a player’s identity with some other player identity.

First, how do I establish the identity of an player who is interacting with this object?

Second, is the Get playerId node the only way to compare player identities? Using the Int32.Equality node?

The answer, I’m told on Discord, is that Event.Interact is always fired by the local player, so Networking.Get LocalPlayer is what I needed.

I was confused by this because I was analogizing to collider triggers. The Event.OnPlayerTriggerEnter node has an output for the player who has triggered that collider. I still don’t fully grasp why there’s a difference between those two types of interaction.