Idea/Suggestion Arm Computer

sadly theres no direct way to send this to the devs but

so the idea i had was based off watching the new update vlog??? from the cm
and well i generaly know how the voting system works and i was thinking what if we had a qm like the one from pamila the game

where if a vote happens our quick menu would show up on our arms and turn bright red with a brief warning sound

It’s a cool concept but wouldn’t work with avatars that aren’t ‘humanoid’ or that don’t have arms. :slight_smile:

i mean your not wrong but this could be fixed if there was a watch that you could place in the avatar editor this would allow you to place it customly you could also place this at standerd placement as this would replace if your avatar is like a dog or something it would fit on your normal arm if a setting was setup to replace it to the player over model

Oh sure! Like, making it a prefab or something that you could add to your avatar to enhance your VRChat experience.

Ya know… I wonder if there isn’t a way to something like that now… like, project the VRChat menu onto a model without having to directly open it…