I would like to introduce you to Vertical Blade Action VR

Hi! My name is Solih.
I’ve created a unique gameworld using Udon and I’m here to introduce it to you.
(This text has been translated using DeepL. Sorry if there are any rude expressions!)

Here’s the link

In this world, you’ll wear special equipment that combines weapons and propulsion mechanisms in one, and you’ll be able to earn a score by slashing cubes as you traverse the world in wire action.

Wires are shot in the direction of the VR controller, making the game play like a gun action. However, the VR controller becomes a sword when you slash the cube. Depending on the situation, you can enjoy a unique VR experience where the VR controller becomes a gun and a sword.

Udon utilizes this wire-based propulsion mechanism, score management, and synchronization of special equipment and avatars, among other things.
It’s also performance tuned for Quest support.

The world’s special equipment is based on the “3D Maneuver Gear” from the Japanese animation [Attack on Titan], but the modeling and design are original.

We hope you will be able to enjoy the first experience of mankind’s 3D Maneuverability in this world, made possible by VR.