I will make vrchat avatar for you

Hello there!

I’m a creative character modeling design, and I have many years of experience in character design…

My service::-

VRChat model

Vtuber model



Anime style Avi

Facial expressions



Model editing

And more…

I made a model base on your reference sketch or image… Or what you have in mind.

Let me have your reply Thanks…

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This is cool!
Would I have to pay or are you doing this for free?

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Is a paid commission buddy.

You can reach me out my discord account, I replied faster.


Hello I was wondering if you know how to make animated avatars?


Send me a Dm on discord. damcy#4122.

So that will can discuss better.

Could you make me a peely from Fortnite avatar please

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Ofc I can do that for you.
my discord:- damcy#4122

I sent you both a request and I want the peely to look exactly like the one I. Fortnite not trying to demand or be rube but please it was my birthday 8 days ago 22nd no back bling also is it possible that you can make me a Choppa avatar from Fortnite to it is a helicopter I want it to act like the flying skins in vr chat