I want to make something mindblowing - advice needed

Hello everyone. I want to port my invention to vrchat and I need some advice.

The invention I want to port is the automatic sound visualizer you can see here:

(epilepsy warning!!!)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3WEasfCTws (new code)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jn4nMHOnPp4 (old code but stationary lights give better perspective on the sound reaction)

What I want to port is the sound reaction itself, not the rotational system(for now).

I dont want to sound too ambitions or unrealistic, but this could be a big thing for vrchat, since it can move the „party scene“ to vrchat – during the corona times, which might take some time…

FYI this is completely new, there hasnt been anything like it, except logitech and jbl attemps at sound visualization 2018 and 2019 – which are to be honest, unimpressive, although they do visualize, something.

So to protect my IP until I have big enough of a market share to be able to sue infringers for IP theft(stealing the code), I do not plan to try to implement the code in vrchat , but something far simpler, I intend to make a „map“ or a text file, with light intensity for blue, green, yellow and red, and time markers for each light intensity change.

This map will be made for preexisting mixes that I will play in my „nightclub world“.(the map will be generated by my code that runs Aurora – the spiny device)

My questions, or rather subjects I need advice on are these:

World building

Considering there needs to be some kind of programming connection between the lights and sound( the time markers of the map and the songs need to somehow be in sync) I suppose I should be using VRCSDK2? Or VRCSDK3? (in the documentation it says I should use VRCSDK2 to: „…maintaining a world that uses Triggers and Actions“ – but this maybe means for worlds that use „old“ VRCSDK2 actions, since they aren’t compatible with VRCSDK3)

Please link me any useful tutorials, packs and such that would help me build a Tron-like nightclub

Pro Builder – I found some recommendations for this, but I cant find much information on it?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBlLXGm_x8g - is this the standard way to make worlds? I still haven’t delved into unity yet.


What is the best way to program the lights to change intensity, according to a text file with timemarkers? Is there a way to make it compatible with the native VRC_Audiobank? (I wanna keep things simple)

Thats pretty much it, if you’re not sure what to say to these questions, but have made lightshows in VR, or want to suggest something worldbuilding/newbie related, please do!

Also, if anyone wants to collaborate, let me know, you can get Aurora for free(the spinny device) and I can pay commissions for more complex jobs. (message me here, or email auroraislife33 @gmail.com)