I want someone help me making a model for me

I know that many of you have already seen or heard this repeatedly but…, I am new to vrchat and I would love to have my character as a model to be able to use it and start off right!!, I would love to find someone to commission but…, I don’t even have the biggest discount…, that’s why I resort to this method…, I would love to have a model of my character, but not at the cost of someone not liking it, if someone would like to help me with that, I would really appreciate it, forgive me for the inconvenience in advance…, In case anyone wants to contact me elsewhere and talk…, my discord is “Bumper The Spirit#7832”

There’s always the possibility that you may not be happy with the result of a commission, but that’s just an inherent risk. Scrape together some money and pay someone.

Alternatively, try to learn how to make avatars yourself. There are plenty of tutorials out there for using Blender and Unity. This is harder and the result may not be as professional, but you’ll have the pride of having an avatar that’s truly yours.

Thanks, really