I think there is something wrong with my canvas

Ok ,I followed the tutorial to compile my UI Menu
Clicking when I want to use it doesn’t work (no click feedback)
The weird thing is that I can use the UI menu button in Packages Vrchat World

The following is a screenshot:

The following is the information of the button:


DH (the animation called in the script)

The following is the built-in simulator test:

(That’s it, no response when clicked)

Anyway, I hope someone can answer this question
(If this is a stupid question, please answer it too, thanks)

The following is supplementary:
Screenshots of prefabs that I can use:

(I can achieve my goal by changing this menu, but it’s too much trouble…)

Animator Details:

MR (default state)
QH (trigger state)
DH (the animation called in the script)

I believe when you call the On Click Event on a UI Button, you cannot call the UdonBehaviour.Interact() method.

You must instead call UdonBehaviour.SendCustomEvent(string) and supply it with the string name for a custom event node.

So instead of the Interact event node, place a Custom Event event node in your Graph and give it a name like “InteractButton”.

Hello! Thank you very much for your suggestion
My problem has been solved, in fact, there is a problem with a setting of my canvas.
Just uncheck the option Ignore Reversed Graphics.
屏幕截图 2023-08-11 162200

If there is an item on the canvas that is -180 -90, it must be changed back to a positive number to be recognized.

In addition, it is effective to directly perform the behavior of UdonBehaviour.Interact(), it is not necessary to custom Interact