I need your help with menus

Hi Fam

I am trying to get 16 dance animations (no music) to work. 8 per sub menu. One of my sub menus plays all 8 animations just fine. The other sub menu on the other hand does not. when I toggle an item in the menu that does not work, my avatar just does the stand at attention thing (stands still animation).

I am sure its just something im over looking so here is a bunch of screen shots

expression thingy





And the transitions changing the number from 1 though 8 (just added the first one from each param cuz you know the drill)

not equal


not equal2

and the menu goes as follows.

These are the toggles that seem to work. (changing the numbers corresponding to the number in the condition of the parameters I only screenshot 2 of them)
Dance 1 menu

This menu below however does show the dance names and will do something (standing still animation). It is an exact copy of the above one but with Diff parameter name and dif dance names. Still numbers 1 through 8 corresponding to the conditions set in the transitions.
Dance 2 menu

Whats odd is I can get one or the other set of dance animations to work if I change the places of Dance 1 and Dance 2 (both are set to a weight of 1)

This is super TLDR and im not super good at explaining myself so I hope the screenshots helped…

Please send help… and cookies.

If you need any other info let me know

Hard to tell with the Dance 2 layer highlit; Is the weight on that layer set to 1.0? (settings cog wheel)

On a side note, you could also re-use the Dance1 Int if you wanted to be super frugal with parameters. Just change the values from 10-18, then change your 0<Dance<9 transition to 8<Dance<19 on the Dance 2 layer. :3 Not needed if you have plenty of parameter space though.

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Weight set to 1 on both. exact parameters even tried just adding it all to the same layer. One param set to 0<Dance<9 and the other set to 8<Dance<19. No matter what I try one toggle menu works and the other doesn’t. I will keep at it, im sure its something im overlooking.