I made my friend a custom avatar can I add it to their 'Granted Avatars' section

So I uploaded an avatar for a friend, We don’t really want others using it but I’d like to make it private and them still able to use it

Will I need to keep it public even though it was made for one person? or is there a way to grant my friend access via Granted Avatars like tafi or ReadyPlayerMe avatars?

searching online gives me no advice on the matter though making it a little frustrating.

Unfortunately, you cannot set who is allowed to use the avatar, but what you can do is add a password to the avatar which only he knows is a free asset on gumroad so you could e.g. immobilize the avatar and make it invisible until he enters the password… which has the advantage that you have to enter the password only 1 time and its simple and save

That isn’t a feature for now, unfortunately! We know people want it badly.

For now, you could package the avatar up into a ZIP file, prefab, or UnityPackage, and have them import and upload it themselves.

The VCC should make setting up a VRChat avatar Unity project very easy.