I Have Lost All Hand Gestures

Somewhere along the line, I have lost all ability of my hand gestures within VRChat.

Im using the Vive system, with Vive controllers 2PR7100.

Load VRC through Steam. Both software’s are up to date as of today.

I used to be able to do a thumbs up, or point with my index finger, or even the devil horns, but now nothing happens when I lightly scroll my thumb over either of my hand controller pads.

And it’s not just with one specific avatar, it’s with any avatar I load.

I cleared all of my VRC cache and system files, still no go.

Any suggestions?

I have found out what happened to my hand gestures.

So, apparently, those new circular menus that pop up using your controllers, there is a, “Gestures” category, and mine had a red slash over it, again apparently I must have inadvertently tapped that section by accident, thus disabling my Gestures without me even knowing it. I know now, and have remedied the situation.