I can no longer upload new models due to two factor authenticator issue because I changed my phone

As title suggest, I changed my phone so I need to update my two factor authenticator. It requires me to use the recovery codes which I did not download in the past. This, requires me to have my two factor authenticator to get.

I can no longer upload any avatar whatsoever and I feel it’s a matter of time I will not be able to log in. This is disheartening, I spent a lot of time on my model just to see a loop that prevents me from accessing my two factor authenticator because a new QR code is required.
Is there anything I’m missing I could do to fix this?

You can try contacting our support team at https://help.vrchat.com

It’s very important to keep your 2FA codes in a safe place! If you lose them, you may lose access to your account.


It is not a matter to keep them safe more that I never checked them because I was never pointed it out. I have contacted support, still waiting. It’s not a great experience I’ll be honest to be told that it may terminate my account if that happens again. Still, I’m waiting.