I can make you an screenspace avatar [Send 3D model of avatar I am not a 3D Modeler]

I can make an avatar that has:

-Screenspace Animations
-Particle Gun [Not crasher because VRChat will be mad]
-Custom toggles
-3D Space Shaders
-Custom name in 3D [for avatar if you want] and 2D [for distortions]
-Tell me what color scheme you want and send a 3D model of one
What I don’t do:
-I don’t do furry avatars because they are harder to work with
-I don’t do on join particle animations
-I won’t do a distortion custom distortions because some songs are just insanely hard to animate
-3D Modeling so just send a 3D model or I can use one of my models I have

Send assets if you want and or custom intro songs
Assets I have are Guns, gas mask, vest, can make custom names, middle finger anim, scythe, masks
Models I have are TrashBoi Mode, Phantom Assassin Avatar Model, Stickman Avatar Model
I have 5 Screenspace keyframes and 2 Seizure keyframes, and I have 7+ 3D Space Shaders and
Doppels shader, DocMe v4, and June 4.0

I Can screenshare Animations on discord
Contact me on discord: nextrix#8446