I am trying to figure out how I can make it where when someone (owner) presses the start button a countdown appears for 3 seconds and everyone gets teleported to a seperate spawn location. It is for a game

alright, I know its bad to tell people your ideas and they will get stolen, but its easier for you if I tell you and basically what I am making is a vr version of Gartic Phone

I’d suggest starting new threads when you get to those problems because it makes it easier for people in the future to find solutions to specific problems (and will likely make it easier for other people to help you out)

The synced countdown question is relevant to this thread, though. This might sound like gibberish overload because Udon networking can be very confusing if you’re new so I’d definitely suggest watching Udon networking tutorials or reading into the docs! (Networking still fucks me up very very often)

The easiest [albeit probably not the best] way I could think of in the current setup without changing much is to manually sync the ‘countdownIsActive’ bool.

On Interact - SetOwner to the local player, set the ‘countdownIsActive’ bool to true, then request serialization. In Update - change the ‘SendCustomNetworkEvent’ to a regular ‘SendCustomEvent’ (as it’d be called locally for everyone anyway in this case). You (the owner) would also have to request serialization after resetting the ‘countdownIsActive’ bool back to false when the countdown is up.

You may also have to add an ‘OnDeserialization’ event node + reset the countdown there by setting the ‘timeRemaining’ variable to the value of the public ‘spawnCountdown’ variable (identical to what is already being done in Start) so you can account for a fringe case of late-joiners joining as the owner sets the ‘countdownIsActive’ bool.

is this what you mean? idk what you mean by set the bool to true

after doing that, nothing fully changes besides the fact that it doesn’t teleport all the players only the person who pressed the button. the countdown still doesn’t show for all.

just checking in

where do I add the on desterialization node, is there any chance you have a graph of what it is supposed to look like, I think that would help give me a better picture.