I am requesting help with avatar modeling from scratch

Hello! I am just a random person on the internet that is looking for someone willing to teach me how to make a model from scratch. I know the basics of blender. I was wondering if you could do it for free, the teaching thing. If anyone knows anyone that is willing to help teach me how to make vrchat models I would be most happy! After I learn how to make a model I will want to learn how to make the bones and rig it. I know how to transfer a model from blender to unity to vrchat. This is going to be my first steps to making a vtuber that i like that isn’t from vroid. I can not draw for the life of me so please keep that in mind. Again any help would be appreciated!

My suggestion would be to download a trial of real illusion character creator. I believe You get 10 or more free exports. The program lets you use many parameters to customize the character to your liking. These are more photorealistic than Vroid. Once you export the character it will be fully rigged. There are tutorials on YouTube to teach you to retarget the bones in Unity to use with VRC