Hunched over when walking in full-body tracking

I’m using an HTC Vive with three trackers, and have an issue where I’ve built my own avatar but it drops into a horrible hunched-over raptor pose when moving around.

It did the same thing with a previous iteration of the same avatar.

I’ve no idea what’s causing it, as I’m able to use full-body tracking with other avatars without a problem, so can only assume it’s something I’ve got wrong. Any suggestions as to exactly what (and even better, how to fix it) would be very appreciated.

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If you use your stick to move your avatar, (by default) VRChat animates your avatar using a walk animation. That gets wonky if you use FBT, so most people override their avatar’s animator.

Try out Franada’s GoGo Locomotion: GoGo Loco - Google Drive

Feel free to support them on Ko-Fi:

Ah, yeah, I don’t have enough play space to actually walk around so I use the stick - I’ll give this a go, thank you!