How to use UdonSharp to modify C# variables or call functions?

I have purchased some plugins in the assets store that allow me to dynamically manipulate objects with C#. However, I need to use programming to modify C# variables and call functions in order to achieve this.
For example, there is a dynamic arrow plugin that can change the start and end coordinates to make the arrow continuously change.

Ah, this topic causes confusion sometimes. Unfortunately, you cannot run C# scripts in VRChat (usually).

VRChat uses Udon to run its scripts. Udon scripts can be created using the Udon Graph, our visual programming language, or with UdonSharp, which compiles custom C# code into Udon.

Regular C# scripts cannot be converted to UdonSharp, though they can sometimes be modified to work in VRChat.

We’re working on a system called ‘Udon 2’, which allows you to run C# scripts natively in VRChat. But it’ll be a while until it’s released! :pray: