I am new and figured its time I chat with you all.

Just getting into this fun stuff and having a couple issues.

I am building SDK 3 worlds and I am a DJ trying to create stages.

Idea was to try to use the techno vinegar prefab I found listed below.

I drag and drop the prefab into scene but unable to click it to pickup/use the effect.

Attempted to add component for pickup and collision around got to the point to pick it up but still no affect and unsure the exact process.

I know this is a noob question just want to have a bunch before my stage.

Anyone have ideas how to be able to use shaders in items or buttons on the world.

Any help is much apricated.

Looking forward to doing everything I can to help builds this community and thank you all for the help

Hi there,mindexpander :slight_smile:

First off, cool that you want to expand the DJ scene, give us some links to your sets if you’re comforatable with that :slight_smile: I might want to invite some DJs in the Future to my Map too.

To your Question: unfortunatly I’m not quite sure what the Bottle is supposed to do since I can’t speak japanese. Is it supposed to spawn some kind of world ingulfing Shader and play music like Stokylls Avatars?