How to use playable layers for emotes and Animations?

I’ve recently gotten back into making avatars, and with the SDK I was excited for unlimited power. The power was cut short however when I came upon playable layers.

My question for the topic is “How do I use Playable Layers for Emotes and Animations?”
I have some dances that I want my avatar to be able to do, but I don’t know where to put them.
As for the animations, I was wondering how can you toggle an animation on and off for a toggleable object such as a gun with a hand trigger being able to play an animation that shoots a bullet.

If someone could tell me what to do, or post a video on what to do, I would be so thankful! :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart:

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If you haven’t figured it out already, there are 2 separate layers for expressions (Blendshapes) and animations (.fbx and others).

As far as expressions go, they must already be built into the model. You can do this in programs such as Blender or Maya. If they are already in, one method of implementing them is by creating a small animation of just that expression. Once you have that, you want to create an animation controller, and set that up. There are lots of tutorials telling you how to do this.

For the animations, it’s the same thing, just importing them is different. If they’re FBXs, you can import them in and you want to make sure your main rig is humanoid. Then, with the imported animations, you can set their rig to copy the main one. This will make sure all transforms go to the correct bones. After importing them, again, you will set up an animation controller with them all.

After that, you can set up your own menus. I suggest looking at “Ask Amber” on YouTube. She has some very beginner friendly videos that go over how to create the menus and controllers.