How to use grounded on animator

now I’m making something with my friend like a footprint
then eventually need Grounded
I just founding forums and discord for how to use grounded parameter and 0 result
is there any tutorials for how to use grounded or check ground to play particle or animation

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According to the animator parameter section of the documentation (Here! Animator Parameters ), Grounded is a boolean! Grounded will be true when the player is on the ground, and be false when the player is off the ground.

Grounded is one of those parameters that VRChat does the inputs for, much like Viseme and such. You don’t have to use a toggle or button to change the value of the parameter, VRChat will do it as long as the parameter is named correctly with correct capitalization.

If it was me, and I wanted to do this super simply, I would add a layer onto my FX controller like so

The transition from Grounded to Not Grounded would be when the Grounded parameter is False. Not Grounded goes into Grounded when the parameter is True.

For footprints, in the Grounded animation I would enable my footstep particle system, and when in Not Grounded, disable it. (If you want it to look nicer, you could animate the emission value of the particle system instead. Have it at whatever footstep value looks nice on grounded, and then animate it to 0 emission when Not Grounded. This will prevent the footsteps from disappearing when you jump)

I hope this helps!

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