How to trigger particle systems with keyframes

Hey all, I’ve been working on a 3.0 avatar with a run recently. I’ve been able to trigger the particle systems I’m using by enabling “play on awake”, which has worked great for me, but I’d like to get the system to be able to retain some particles even after getting reset (mainly shell casings). I’ve done what I can in terms of googling on the topic and most of what I’ve found points me in the direction of using “Particle System.Emission module.enable” as a keyframe in my animation to trigger the system, but that doesn’t seem to be working for me.
I have each particle system in their own gameobject and defaulting to activated, with the emission module defaulting off. When using AV3 emulator I can see the emission module being activated in the inspector but nothing seems to happen in editor or in game. Is there something big I’m missing or a better way I can go about this? I’ve worked on avatars for a while now, but am just recently getting into 3.0 and this kind animator work.
Thank you in advanced! Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.