How to toggle a weapon and unholster on gesture? (3.0)

I’ve heard from friends that it’s difficult, so I’m asking here.
Basically what I want to do is toggle a sword via the menu, use fist to pull it out and have it unholster from the avatars back. I currently only have it so that the sword toggles on and off.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I know this is a pretty late response, but better late than never!
From what I’ve gathered the best way to effeciently go about this would be to use a parent constraint in the sword, with game objects in each part of the armature to determine where the sword would be in each state, then use an animation to change the weight from one target to the other.

This isn’t the best video, but it’s one of the few I’ve found that show one way the system can work.

I’m not the op but thanks for replying to that. It’s beyond my current understanding but I didn’t have much of a roadmap to get there and this helps. I suppose perhaps the animation could also have included curled fingers (made with the asset store muscle animation editor maybe).

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Yes and no. I use an index and don’t do any public avatars so I don’t really bother with hand animations because the finger tracking overrides that for me regardless. I believe you would want the prop movement (parent constraint weight toggle) to be on an animation in the FX layer, but you would want to then adjust the hand animations within the gesture layer to have them line up with how you want to grip the prop. But yeah Muscle Animator from the unity asset store helps a ton with that, but isn’t completely necessary, you can just do it by hand if you want.
Glad to help at least a little!

Sorry for not replying - I’ve been overworked and then travelling - but thanks for that. That was also interesting about how you use the index; didn’t occur to me that I could get rid of the hand animations.