How to rotate an object (pickup) held in hand in a world?


I want to have more inclusion for a world I have made except desktop users can really play it. It requires the user to hold an object and rotate it to their liking. I was thinking of the onpickupuse or onmousedown events but rotation is at least 3 axis. So ideally I can use buttons like t g b to equate to rotating on the xyz axis.

There are unity tutorials that show you how to get a object to rotate constantly except not while it is in the hand of the vrc avatar. Basically you may catch a frame where it rotated but then flip right back to the grip position.

Does anyone know what events, nodes etc I should use? I have tried the following:

-have a unary negation on the gameobject in hand is used (clicked on) to trigger rotation, it only rotates when I drop the object.
-tried to get the collider of what I hope is the hand of the avatar but noticed the local file log was sending a bunch of errors to vrchat. But the object in hand still won’t really rotate
-tried to see if I can extract the bone of the hand of the avatar and rotate that but I think I see the file log errors out. I am not sure if I am calling to the right node for that.

Please and thanks!

Desktop users can rotate the object they are holding with the keys U I O J K L

Ahhh okay so in a vr pickup it has to be manipulable when equipped. Then I see how uiojkl can be used. Thank you!

Hmm shouldn’t the keyboard button layout documentation in game and online be updated to reflect that ability?