How to render to the VRChat Camera

I am trying to make a 3 point camera system for an in game podcast. In my world there are 3 cameras rendering to their own 1080p textures, and I was wondering how to render that texture to the vrchat camera, so that we can control camera angles and quickly switch “scenes” seamlessly.

Here’s a representation of what I mean. Each camera points at a different target, and has a different FOV, and I want the ability to render that to the VRChat camera for easy use, as well as change which camera is rendering to it.

Found it out. You can place a block into the environment and have it use this shader:

You then plug in the render texture to the overlay setting, and with a little tweaking, boom! you’ve got a working camera feed that’s toggleable.

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Also consider looking into Cinemachine! It’s built for this sort of thing, is built into Unity and is very powerful. Though it might take some time to learn.