How to reference position of a child object?

Im trying to use the Prop Room button in front to teleport the player to a pad in the room across the way. The problem is that when I get the position of the pad, it’s using it’s local position instead of it’s position in the world. Is there a way to get it’s world position without removing it from it’s parent?

I believe it might be what you are passing in that could be your issue. You have a transform coming in, not the game object you want to go to. Try changing it to a game object (which will break your link, you’ll need to relink it) I duplicated what you did and had the same issue, but after changing the variable to a game object it worked for me.

(side note, TeleTo has its collider turned off)
Hope that helps!


I see, I was just missing the “Game Object Get Transform” box, thank you!