How to play 2D audio in a collider

I’m making a world that contains many audio sources, but I want specific audio sources to be played within a collider, but not heard as 3D. I still want the 2D audio, but only in a selected area, once said player leaves the area it cuts off. I tried looking around online for a solution, but its been a ton of onplayerenter or onplayertrigger, i tried it all but nothing seems to work. Any Solutions?

You could surround the area with triggers that stop the audio. On entry set volume to zero when it should be stopped


I was able to figure out the problem, after trial and error.

That’s a great workaround, I will keep that in mind for my own worlds.

As an aside, does unity (and VRChat) have audio zones, similar to a reverb or effect zone, but to a specific boxed area?

For example, a four-story building where each floor has its own ambient sounds that are completely separate from the other floors?