How to make use of the player list got from VRCPlayerApi

I noticed that a List of player can be obtained from VRCPlayerApi, however, I couldn’t find any method to make use of the list. Also I couldn’t covert it into an array or get the count of the list.
Does this mean that the only way of getting a list of player is by updating a player array each time a player joins or leaves?

Currently that particular function to get a list is close to useless, since Generics and with that Collections and with that Lists are not implemented in Udon yet.
So yes currently the best way to get all players is to manage them yourself.

Got it, thanks! :relaxed:

Is that still the case as of 8-29-2020?

Currently yes, but in the very near future, there will be an official solution regarding getting an array of all players.

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Anyone know if we are there yet?

This would be a heckin useful feature :smile:

EDIT: saw your post in the Udon Sharp discord that VRCPlayerApi.GetPlayerById is exposed!