How to make my avatar sit on broom


I want my avatar to be in a certain pose when I toggle on a broom that I ride like a witch.


I have created an animation for my avatar sitting on a broom to ride the broom similarly to a witch.

FX Controller

I have animations for turning the broom on and off (no write defaults).

FX Parameter

There is a parameter Broom the FX controller uses.

Expression Parameter

There is an expression parameter of the same name to toggle the broom on and off.


I copied the sample Action controller from the samples folder. From these docs, I imagine the Action controller is the right thing to target.

When asking around, I believe one step is to make a parameter here with the same name Broom. I’m not quite sure what to do after that. I imagine make a transition to the Ride animation I made from… somewhere with some condition similar to the FX controller of the variable Broom true / false.