How to make a particle that activates when a gesture is turned off?

I think it’s controlling the lifetime of a particle, turning it into zero and activating a sub-emitter
But I cant make like that
Is there someone who can make it?

A quick hacky way would be to just have the particle system on by default, but under the Emission tab, don’t use Emit over Time or Emit over Distance; use the Burst settings instead. Just make sure the number of repetitions/timing/etc match up with the desired result.

Downside is that it’s going to play once when you first load into the avatar, or for others when they show or reload your avatar.

When you do your gesture, you’d just disable the particle system. When the gesture ends, the particle system turns back on and goes through its bursts.

What kind of effect did you have in mind? There may be other solutions that’d work better.

It’s much less hacky with avatars 3.0