How to kick someone out of a chair on my avatar

i followed a tutorial for adding chairs to my avatar but literally at no point do they mention how to forcefully REMOVE someone sitting in the chair.

I have animations that enable and disable the collision but that doesn’t remove them, it just makes them not able to sit on it when NOT already sitting on it.

Turn off the parent of the object with the chair.

The user will be force out of it.

the wiki mentions not to turn off the object with the script, but i have never thought about using a separate parent to the seats so i will try that

I attempted parenting the seats to an empty game object and having the default animation disable the game object instead of the seats, but now no one can sit in the seats at all.

If you managed to get this working, I would like to see it

You need the chair to be activated when loading. Then you can have an animation turn off the game object parent.

well not only did that not work at all but It turns out I was using the wrong version of unity and when i changed that it broke all my seats entirely.

I recreated the seats as per the tutorial, but as it turns out the sdk update changed the coding to seats so now i cannot get them to function at all for some reason

has anyone else noticed this?