How to get image from url? (VRC_Panorama , UnityWebRequest not working)

in sdk2 i can use VRC_Panorama.
but in udon
can not find VRC_Panorama

and in udonsharp can not use UnityWebRequest

i do something wrong?

anyone if know how to get image from url
reply plz

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Not supported, yet.

You’ll have to use a video with the image/images in it.
It’s something that’s on the feedback board, but not marked as anything or mentioned if they will/are implementing it any time soon.

thank to reply, and sorry too late my reply
i find weather system in booth
but its not working now, becuz it use video uploaded by google drive

before September 2021, at that time, google drive support the streaming system
so when we put google drive link to vrchat video player, can use and can modify in google drive with same link

but after September 2021(maybe) google drive not support streaming system
so now when we put link to vrchat video player, we can not play

i trying how to change video with same video link(if link become changed, can not update by auto)

if later i can know how to change with samelink, i will add by reply
sorry to bad english

In korea world
here are event poster uploaded by auto

R3C0D3R who made world, he use github streaming system
GitHub - vrccalkr/postersystemv2: postersystemv2
here are github link

and its video screenshot

in vrchat video player, we can play one video on same time
thats why this video have other image