How to get animations working with UDON?

I can’t figure out how to get my animation to play while using the SDK3. They don’t seem to have an issue playing in vanilla unity. I have viewed an example video on how to make doors open and close with a button as a trigger but what I’m trying to do is just simply take a cube, have it oscillate back and forth in a loop. I want it to sway back and forth non-stop but I cannot even make it budge.

Do any of you know a simple way to explain animations + udon?

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I gotta jump in here. What does the sub graph thingy mean? The only thing I can find is a SubGraph node that says “coming soon!” when I add it. I’ve tried just copy-pasting the nodes to the normal Udon graph (the one that actually triggers the animation, taken by Tupper’s example) and I tried pulling it to the ref value section of the SubGraph node. Doesn’t matter.
As soon as I remove the Udon Behavior script, it works. Or of course if I set it to another object as a trigger, it works as well. But I need the trigger to be the door itself so it moves along with it.


EDIT: I see that the SubGraphs have been taken out for now. Is there any other way? Also, if I get a reply on the Discord I’ll be sure to update this post.

EDIT #2: No guarantee that it fixes the problem, but momo turned Mimi’s U# code (seen on Fix for Animator Apply Root Motion (position and rotation)) into graphs.