How to fire custom event over the network?

I’ve made a super simple Udon program. When I use the “local” Udon behavior send custom event it fires without problem, but that’s only local.

I’ve been trying to make the same thing with the network version, and it does not work. (Both in testing mode than if I upload it online and test in the regular game).

By “not work” I mean that the event is not started at all, on ANY client.

Here’s a screenshot of the setup:

It’s probably a super-simple thing that I’m missing.

I ran into a similar issue where I wanted to flip the color of a box but it didn’t cause an affect for other players, so my solution was to create a synced variable that was just considered on update. Update runs for everyone and the synced variable allows others to see the change. The interact is only for me to change the bit.

Hope that helps.

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I’ve just found out that what I was doing actually works, but it seems that in “test build” it does not, as if the component it rely upon is not loaded in that mode.

It’s pretty bizarre to me that networking doesn’t seem to work with multiple test clients. Testing networking/syncing should be the main reason for allowing us to test with multiple clients. There should at least be a disclaimer or something, not knowing this cost me so many hours :frowning: