How to edit the interaction text?

Sorry for dumb question,i am totally noob of Udon
I am trying to make a mirror toggle Button and edit the interaction text to “mirror”,etc…
It seem to be easy in sdk 2 with vrc_trigger script,but can’t figure out how it work in udon

And it’s my source,please help
thanks alot!


The only way so far that I know of is to use UdonSharp to write your scripts. For some reason, when you write the scripts in UdonSharp, the option to change the name appears just like the old Triggers system

Thanks for helping!
Even i haven’t wrote a script myself,i will try my best.

thanks again

If you want to learn some basics to UdonSharp, I highly recommend Vogwan and his tutorials. He shows how to create various things with Udon and shows both node graphs and UdonSharp:

yeah,I have watched his tutorial before,and it help alot
and today he uploaded a interaction text video
i can’t tell how i happy now
anyway,help for helping again!

For anyone else needing help with this, simply right-click on the “Inspector” text of the Inspector tab, then choose Debug, and the Interact field will be listed on the Udon Behavior (Script) component so you can customize the text when using an Udon graph.

Here is the link to Vowgan’s interaction text video where he explains this: