How to do a Singleton design in Udon sharp

hey im trying to make a singleton method object in Udon Sharp but the language currently doesn’t support constructors so how would i do this?
im given an error that says to initialize the object in Start() whenever i try to use a constructor but how would I do that instead?

It is possible to create Singleton Udon components, but the way you create them or access them will be different in Udon compared to standard C# methods. Unity’s Monobehaviour does not support calling a constructor. This also applies to UdonBehaviour and UdonSharp. UdonSharp also does not support static variables at this time (V1.0 might, but that is still in beta).

The way that I have created singleton systems in Udon is that I have an object already in the scene with the singleton Udon program. There should only be one of these objects in the scene that you manually add. To allow anything outside this program to easily access it, you can use VRCPlayerApi tags as a caching system. While you can’t cache the Udon program itself, you can cache the object’s hierarchy path, allowing other programs to read this value and then find that object easily.

Here is an example of a singleton setup I have created. The first link is the singleton object, the second is an object which tries to get the singleton. Be careful what you name the object, as some paths are taken by VRChat objects. Never name something Settings.