How to disable eye blinking for a closed eyes gesture?

In the Avatar Descriptor the Eye Look is using a blend shape for blinking.

I made a eyes closed animation and put it on GestureLeft = 3 sign on the FX layer.
Animation doesn’t work because the eye look overrides it.

How does one disable eye look during a gesture and re enable afterwards?

I know there’s ComboGestureExpressions (CGE) | Easily generate Avatars 3.0 animator layers for hand gestures to control face expressions but i just wanna know how it’s done manually. Don’t wanna use it.

There was another topic here where someone said they figured it out but never told us exactly how…


For anyone trying to do this select ur gesture:

Add Behaviour VRCAvatarTrackingControl
And set Eyes and Eyelids to Animation

Then select Idle:
same thing but set it to tracking:

And that’s it, you can use this to present visemes too during an animation that’s playing currently that uses ur mouth.

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