How to create an Elevator in Udon?

So starting out with udon I would like to add an elevator onto my map for the spawn. Where when a user spawns in they are in an elevator that will go down after hitting a button.
My question is how would I go about this?
I know how to get the button to work but what I need now is a way to have the floor smoothly go down with the player on it till it reaches the bottom floor and stays there. Normally I could just use an animator to move the elevator but I wanted to see if udon can do it but I cannot find a way of doing it.

Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction?

I’m extremely noob to VRChat world dev so take it with a bag of salt:

Any reason to avoid just using transform.translate on the y axis * deltaTime? That seems like it should do the trick. I bet you could even draw up an equation such that the elevator accelerates at the beginning of the ride and decelerates at the end.

Out of curiosity, how are you handling multiple people spawning in? Are the elevators unsynched somehow? Or maybe you have several?

Ill have a look into it and the plan was to be all client side for the elevator but yeah if someone were to spawn in at the same time that would cause some issues and is something ill need to consider as i get further in.

You might find this interesting/useful:

That platform goes side-to-side. Seems like it should work going up and down too.

this might be old, but figured I’d chime in real quick. I was looking for a simple elevator as well and I did try the walkable vehicle. It works well actually but I didn’t have have the ability to use the ui menu easily during movement and it had a performance cost.

I didn’t care if people could jump or not. so I just cut everything out and just added a collider 2 units higher than the platform and it solved my issue

I heard they do the elevators through teleportation and animation. Step into one elevator and close animation, teleport to new elevator and continue animation, then open it at the new place