How should I move a player in Udon without causing their avatar animators to play?

I’m creating a custom locomotion system, and I want certain inputs to be processed by Udon to cause forward motion for the player.

But I specifically don’t want the player’s walking or falling animations to play. How can I accomplish this?

For the moment I’m simply using VRCPlayerApi.SetVelocity() to move the player. Is there some trick to this, like putting the player in a standing station and then moving the station instead?

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Stations would indeed allow you to move the player, however, you’d have to add your own override animation to trigger a custom animation.

However, from the sound of it, you don’t want to override their animations but simply use their existing locomotion to work when moving them around.

But, I don’t think such a thing is implemented in VRChat at this point in time, so using a station and calling the walk locomotion in the animator would be your best course of action at the moment.

How about moving the ground to do relative motion,although it sounds crazy :rofl:

Don’t think that would work, since it won’t trigger any walking animations.
Moving platforms already don’t trigger those sort of animations.