How many Shape keys is too many on an otherwise excellent ranked avatar?

Hi, I’m working on an avatar. I have an animation that uses shape keys and I maaaaybe have too many shape keys. My avatar uses the standard shader and standard lite for quest. It has just under the excellent poly limit for both platforms. I have 4 PhysBones on pc, 0 on quest. I have 57 shape keys on pc, and under 50 on quest. I use 1 material, 2048(PC) and 1024(Q).

I know that separating the shape key affected polys helps with performance. What is the max shape keys I should use for pc(2 meshes) and for quest. Also, what would the max be if I kept the avatar as one mesh on pc? Thanks

I think what affecting the performance is the amount of vertex of the mesh not the amount of shapekey.

Thanks for the reply. I know polygon count is more important, but I have read that having a lot of shapekeys can cause performance issues. I’ll just use the model as is and see if anyone complains

Shapekeys only cost when they are above 0, ie when you turn them on in any way (In VRChat, different elsewhere).

Only then will they start costing depending on the poly count.

Honestly think you are fine either way, I hope you aren’t using all the 57 and 50 shapekeys at once, but it stresses the GPU and we are usually CPU bound, meaning to a point it won’t even be noticeable for anyone with a strong graphics card, assuming more people than you did it.

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Okay thanks. I only use 3 max at once, so I presume that’s not an issue