How Do I wear PC Avatars on quest?

I’ve really wanted to use a pc avatar on quest but I literally do not know how to do it.
I’ve checked on youtube and couldn’t get any help.
please if anyone knows Just tell me because I am DYING To use it!!

Unfortunately, an avatar must be uploaded for Quest as well in order to use it on Quest. This is because the avatar has to be packaged up in a fundamentally different way. If you are not the uploader of the avatar, then you have no control over this and there is nothing you can do.

Quest has significantly less power than a PC, so the requirements for a Quest avatar are very strict and can be difficult to achieve. In a lot of cases, it is unreasonable or impossible to expect a PC avatar to simply be uploaded to Quest without heavy modifications. If it was that easy, they probably would have done so already!

Rest assured that this is something avatar creators are well aware of, and if they are releasing public avatars then they likely have plenty of valid reasons why they are not doing so on Quest.

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Also, the upcoming “impostor” system might help, although as I recall that requires the avatar uploader to opt it into that, right? Is there a timeframe for when that’s going to go public?

yes, the impostor system will help so that people on quest will be able to see a vague representation of the real thing, but it’s not really meant as something that you should wear yourself. It’s something that looks pretty much the same when you squint at it 20 feet away. It’s possible that you may be able to wear an impostor locally, but I can’t guarantee that, as even if it was allowed it would not be a great experience.

As for when this feature will go out, whatever has been said in the dev updates is the latest news.