How do I use custom profile pic in VRChat above my head and also pasted onto my avatars face?

Anybody have any flippin idea how to do this shizz as the vrchat game login itself both in game and on pc seems to have NO way of doing this??? Driving me crazy. It should be simple but its not and yet i see other people doing it.

I assume you are talking about the custom name tag people have been using? It’s a shader and mesh very precisely arranged so that they overwrite their normal nametag and replace it with a custom image.

It was a big fad a while back and prompted VRChat to change their TOS to make doing it against the rules, so I wouldn’t recommend doing it.

Not sure what you mean by a profile pic pasted on your avatar’s face. Are you talking about the one that shows up in Social? You can change that by moving the VRC Cam in Unity after you’ve clicked Build and Upload/Publish and are in play mode. You can move it around, put down a plane with an image on it, etc, then when you upload, it’ll use that as your social image.
You might want to change the FOV on the camera from 60 to 75 to get a more accurate idea of what the image will look like though.

Complicated as fuck I gave up on unity as VRV pack would never pop up after opening .