How do I use animations in vrc with a non-humanoid avatar?

After finding a solution to be able to see my avatar, the rig of the model is set to non-humanoid, and in unity the VRChat SDK panel said "this avatar is not imported as a humanoid rig and will not play VRchat’s provided animation set.
I can’t use now the animations my avatar has.
Is there a way to set the animations to be working in vrc with a non-humanoid avatar?

I haven’t ever implemented a non-humanoid Avatar but my guess would be that you will have to set the Avatar type as Generic. Select the model in your Assets folder and that will allow you to choose the rig type in the properties.

You might then be able to click the ‘Configure’ button and maybe map your bones somehow.

Again, never done that myself so this is just me trying to throw some options at you.

Yes, I know how to set the avatar type as Generic. What I don’t know is how to make the animations work in vrchat

You need to set up your own animation controller and override the “Base” Playable Layer on your VRCAvatarDescriptor.

Setting up your own controller for a generic rig is a fairly complex thing to do, and the correct solution highly depends on what you are trying to make. You will need to supply your own animations specifically made for the rig.

At least, you will probably want an idle and walk animation. Add those to your locomotion Controller and create the transitions between them based on the VelocityZ Parameter (or use a Blend Tree).

See here for the parameters that are available to Controllers: Animator Parameters

And here for general information on Animation Controllers: Unity - Manual: Creating an AnimatorController

The animations I am trying to make them work are expressions of the avatar some animations the avatar has. I will take a look to those manuals, thanks