How do I sync an object?

I am trying to trigger a lock door by placing a block in front of the door that covers it and colliders stop passage though it. I have the object set to be enabled with a button and it totally works. What doesn’t work though is im the only one that sees the image of the block that covers the door when I enable it.

Is there a way to Sync this item so when someone clicks the lock button the door locked image shows up for everyone not just the person who clicked it?

Any help on sync would be amazing. (cuz I still feel like I have no clue)

Below is a super basic udon graph I used for the button. I am pretty sure im missing some kind of sync thing.


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Currently the graph is only executed for your instance. As far as I understand the network you have to send a custom network event which will be called by everyone or a sync variable which can only be set by the master (also via a network event -> target master)

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Yeah that kind of sync is far from my skill for now. I did however find a work around for my issue. Used JetDogs keypad prefab and just made the door always locked unless you use the keypad. You guys are super heros. Still going to try to learn to sync cuz challenges :slight_smile: calling this issue solved.