How do I make grabbable handle

Im working on my world and would like to add valve handle on the pipe in my world.
I would like to know how to make the object grabbable while fixed on the one place .
i searched this on this site and i understand i need to add the object with VRC pickup and make the handle follow the place, but i dont understand how to make the udon graph to make it work.
Is there any tips or examples of the udon graph to make the valve handle?
Im sorry I am not the native speaker of English, so if theres anything meaningless, please ask me.

So, the thing you’re looking for is two fold:

  1. Making the item grabbable
  2. Only making it movable in one direction.

The first portion is easy, and you probably already found out you can just add the “pickup” script to the object to make it grabbable.

The second portion is slightly more complicated and involves joints.
Joints in unity basically allow you to fix something and only allow it to move in a certain direction.
Kind of like real life where a door is stuck to the door frame with hinge joints, so is your valve handle.

In this case, a hinge joint should be all you need since you only care about rotating it,
More info on hinge joints here:

and here: