How do I launch VRChat with a specific account logged in?

I have an alternate VRC account that I use for multi-user testing in Worlds. I often need to log out and log back in on the other account, which is frustrating and takes time.

I’d like to have a launch option that launches one or the other account specifically. How can I do that?

Bonus question: can I instruct the VRCSDK Control Panel’s “Build & Play” feature to launch with two separate accounts?

You’ll have to use the —profile=X (X is a number, 0 is your default login)

And at the moment we can’t via the SDK, start different profiles, yet.

There is a editor script that lets you do this though, forgot what it was called. So someone else would have to pin point that ^^

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I don’t understand how to define more than one profile. When I launch VRChat I don’t see any interface for doing that.

profiles are stored sequentially depending.
The first account you used is 0, the second account will be 1 etc.

It’s a bit unintuitive but it’s essentially the order that you logged accounts in, it’ll be a bit trial and error what they correspond to.

Also, good job on that “find your friends” prefab. I kinda understand why you’d be using this feature.

(off-topic, but general tip: use text mesh pro instead. it’s free but those look a lot better and are more readable compared to the normal text system)

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In order for you to use more profiles, you need to create a desktop shortcut off the VRChat.exe (Doesn’t work for Steam shortcut afaik), then go into properties for that and add the profile option at the end of “Target”

Main account - “{path to vrchat.exe}” --profile=0
Second account - “{path to vrchat.exe}” --profile=1

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OK, this was a subtle thing that I understand now.

VRChat profiles are both created and accessed by use of the --profile=n argument. So I could run the client with number 0, 1, 2 and log all of those in with the same user account, but those would be three different profiles that all happened to load the same user account. If I then ran profile 1 and logged it out, then logged in my alt, then that “slot” at profile 1 would contain that new account

That’s not at all how I expected this to work. I thought I’d be pointing VRChat directly to a specific user account using the argument. But this instead points it to a reference, and the reference points to any user account.

Thank you both.

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When you run your world from Unity, you can just tell it how many you want - although it’s been pretty buggy for me.

I can just make you a mod that lets you open multiple vrc instances at once.