How do I get my corrective blendshapes to work in Unity?


I make corrective blendshapes as part of my rigging process. These blendshapes iron out kinks couldn’t otherwise be fixed via weight painting, particularly around joints with clothing.

I’ve made a video demonstrating it here:

Is there any way to get the corrective blendshapes I’ve created in Maya to work in Unity?

Is a corrective blendshape different from regular blendshapes? Or just a type.

I’ve seen some bodies use blendshapes to shrink legs away from pants to avoid skin peeking out, those blendshapes are enabled on the same animation that turns on the pants, and disabled on the animation that hides the pants. For amusement with such an avatar, delete the pants and then try the toggle

They’re just blendshapes! I don’t have any animations though. I can’t delete the pants as there’s only one mesh;;

This tool just came to my attention - would it be something I could use for VRChat avatars?

You can run whatever in the editor, but if it needs scripts to run when the avatar is used, then it won’t work.

I briefly looked up the concept and it sounds like this would be a script that wants to run during use of the model, to tweak blendshapes as the skeleton is in certain positions.